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Barefoot Trimming for Novices
Proper Harnessing & Horse Driving
Accupressure & Round Penning
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AtoZ Percherons
Proper Harnessing & Horse Driver Clinic

Come see us at the horse fair and sign up for May 5th, 2012
or call 608-623-2888 or email

Conducted by John Adametz
John has trained many horseman to harness and proudly drive their horse/team!

John has a definite gift to help people and understand and train horses. Johns passion is to teach and share that gift with people.

This is a hands on course with student participation on all levels. You will learn the basics of how to harness, hitch, drive, and rein handling techniques, you'll find that John gives solid, sensible and easy to follow instructions.

  • How to Harness a horse
  • Proper fitting of harness
  • Hands-on Driving, including backing up and other commands
  • How to hook horse to cart
  • How to drive a cart
  • How to properly take off a harness
You will walk away confident and successful harnessing and driving your team of horses.
ground driving hooking cart to horse
Please call me for detail (608)623-2888 or email

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