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Yoga for Horse Lovers

Conducted by John Adametz and
Anne Adametz-Yoga Instructor, Mentor & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Harness Your Power, and Find Yourself in the Saddle
3-5 Hours
Recent Featured@ The Midwest Horse Fair

Uncover the secrets of building a trusting relationship in this enlightening workshop with legendary horseman and two-time World Champion Horse Logger, John Adametz, with his daughter Anne Adametz, Acupuncturist & Yoga Therapist.
Experience tools from the ancient science of self-awareness (yoga) and apply practices for bringing true and lasting confidence to the round pen ring.
  • Experience breathing, physical postures & yoga
  • Practice acupressure techniques for restoring flow and vitality to your horse- -the results will amaze you...
  • Receive horse whispering (round penning) guidance combining self awareness, and energy work

"Yoga" means "unity" and more specifically, "the unity of body, mind and spirit." The goal of Yoga for Horse Lovers is to become aware of body, mind and spirit connection, then harness that awareness to become more natural and effective in the saddle.

The Universal truth about hosemanship is that there is an alpha and omega in every herd, and when training a horse, you're in a herd of two- you and the horse. Who is in charge? Ultimately, that alpha must be the leader, you must take charge, and to do this, you must build trust in that horse, letting the animal know you are confident, and calm, you will assume the responsibility, and relieve the horse to relax at your hand. How then do we then develop, maintain, and communicate confidence consistently? What happens when we do not project confidence with the horse? The difference with this clinic is that most offer techniques, and assume confidence, whereas Yoga for Horse Lovers teaches you to mine the confidence within yourself, to which any technique will apply, including those you will go on to develop intuitively. Learn how to observe, and then transform the aspects of our behavior, energetics, and body language that convey our deepest insecurities, and undermine our success. Know techniques for gaining trust, including acupressure, whispering, and other natural horsemanship techniques. The bonus is that the same principles apply in our daily life, with people who are not as easily trained... Gain tools to begin to master the first your relationship with your horse, and ultimately yourself.

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